Venue Management

From product launches to planning the perfect wedding, or working behind the scenes to ensure performance or sporting events come together seamlessly, event and venue managers play a crucial role in the hospitality and entertainment industries. Courses at Trebas focus on event planning, marketing, budgeting, contract negotiations, advertising and venue operations management, to give you all the tools you need to embark on rewarding careers in this field. Creative Affairs has been successfully managing venues for over 4 years. We strive for excellence and creating memorable events at venues that are not only inspiring, but are designed to amaze you and your guests.
Please contact us to book your next event at one of our current venues and learn more about the services we provide. We have created a venue management system that allows us to sell, manage, and coordinate events at exceptional venues. Our in-house sales, marketing, and administrative team combines experience, reputation, and industry networking to successfully manage spectacular venues while building ever increasing profit margins. Our operations team executes flawless events, creating continuous event services, with repeat clients.
We also offer consulting services on how to create, open and operate a successful venue. Please contact us for more information.